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Events that occurred in approximately 10,000,000 BCE.

Events Edit

  • The Forerunner-Precursor War begins and ends: The hominid ancestor of both the Pak and humanity resides on Earth, and is chosen by the Precursors as the next species to inherit the Mantle of Responsibility. Feeling jealous and betrayed, the ancestors of the Forerunners, who believed that they should inherit the Mantle instead, rose up and all but destroyed the Precursors in the Milky Way galaxy. After that, they followed the surviving Precursors to the Large Magellanic Cloud, and eradicated them. A number of Forerunners who conscientiously objected to the complete destruction of the Precursors are exiled on a barren planet within the Tarantula Nebula; these Forerunners later remain as the only surviving population of the expedition to the Large Magellanic Cloud.
  • In the face of extinction, most of the Precursors reduce themselves to inert powder, intending to regenerate their forms later. However, this dust would deteriorate over the coming eons, eventually bringing forth the parasitic Flood. However, one intact specimen remains in deep stasis and is buried within a remote asteroid a million years afterward.