Aaamazzara, also known as Therbia,,was a planet located in the Epsilon Serpentis star system in the Alpha Quadrant. It became a Federation member world in 2743 CE. It was the homeworld of the Aaamazzarites.

Description Edit

Aaamazzara was a terrestrial planet home to a humanoid species known as the Aaamazzarites (or Therbians). 

History Edit

Aaamazzara joined the Federation in 2743 CE. In 2918 CE, the Aaamazzarites gained an embassy representing their species on the Citadel. In 3186 CE, during the Reaper War, Aaamazzara was subject to an invasion by the Reapers. The joint Federation-Aaamazzarite forces were unable to hold off the Reapers, and the planet fell to the invaders.