Andor was a Class-J gas giant in the Procyon system in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. It was orbited by Andoria, the homeworld of the Andorian species.

History Edit

Andor was the largest planet in the Procyon system. Andor's two moons included the watery world of Andoria. The Andorians, natives of the moon, arose during the post-Array era, having developed agriculture around 2000 BCE. They advanced to Tier 5 status by the 25th century, when they were discovered by human colonists seeking to terraform and colonize the planets and moons in the system. Later on in their history, the Andorians would advance to become a powerful spacefaring species, and would come into conflict with humanity, the Covenant Empire, and the Vulcan Confederacy before finally joining the United Federation of Planets in 2761 CE. Being a gas giant, Andor itself was never colonized to any significant degree.